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All Dogs Go To Heaven
Логово Белого Волка


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and welcome to a site devoted to a excellent cartoon - Balto.

About a site ...
In the beginning of 2002 travelling in a network I have suddenly thought: whether there are sites devoted to my favorite cartoon - "Balto". By then I already for a long time would like to decorate a desktop and change WinAmp's skin etc. Having typed in popular russian search systems something like "Balto", I have seen many links to an Internet shops in which cassetes were on sale, and nothing about Balto... And I have wanted to make in Internet an community of fans of "Balto". The idea was considered about 2 months, and by the end of February was embodied on this site.

About cooperation ...
You draw? Write verses? Stories? Or maybe you have different talents? Send me the works of a theme "Balto" and then they will be seen by visitors of a site!

Последние новости

09.08.2004 New english version "The BALTO Reunion!" begins the work.

01.09.2004 English version "Music page" now aviable.

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The site only starts to develop, therefore if you will notice any mistakes, non-working links etc, please, inform me about it.

If you want to help me to create this site, write to Let's create this site together!



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