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All Dogs Go To Heaven
Логово Белого Волка

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Не смотрел(а), но посмотрю
Не смотрел(а), и не хочу

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Balto Double Box Set (2 Disc)

Эти DVD диски записаны для систем, поддерживающих PAL стандарт.

Nome is an island: Based-on-true-story about the sled dog who led a famed mission of mercy for Alaskan children in 1925. Enough animated schmaltz to melt the polar cap. With the voices of Kevin Bacon, Bridget Fonda, Phil Collins, Bob Hoskins. Screenplay by Cliff Ruby, Elana Lesser, David Steven Cohen and Roger S.H. Schulman. Directed by Simon Wells.

Balto II: Wolf Quest
A sequel to 1995's BALTO, the story of a half wolf, half dog who leads a sled full of antitoxins through the Alaskan winter to a town suffering from diphtheria, BALTO II picks up where the first ended. After settling down with Jenna and having 6 pups, it soon becomes time for Balto to give his children up for adoption to human families. However, no one wants Aleu, his daughter, because she looks so much like a wolf. When Aleu figures this out, she runs away, forcing Balto to go after her and sending her on a journey full of self discovery. BALTO II is a delightful and adventurous children's yarn that imparts a valuable lesson about being oneself.

Специальные возможности:

История создания мультфильма Balto (интервью с авторами, актерами, аниматорами, архивные кадры)

Интерактивные игры по мультфильму Balto:2 "Wolf Quest" (Требуется DVD-ROM совместимый компьютер). (Насколько я понял, это не "Rescue to Aleu", которая была на Balto2 DVD - прим. DK)

Balto - Anamorphic Widescreen, Balto:2 "Wolf Quest" - Full Frame

P.S. На этой странице представлено описание сборника, выпущенного в Австралии. Хотите заказать?

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